mercredi 16 janvier 2013

Checkbook Covers

 Do you ever look at your checkbook with it's tattered ends and ugly covers with disgust?
 I think that everything in life ,even the most mudane can look better with a little flower power!
 That's why I started making these covers and now I sell them!
 I just finished this series in a pure linen and liberty coton  with complimenting velvet ribbon.
 There are two models for the two most common sort of checkbooks. One that opens up longways and one that opens up on the large side.
 Please feel free to contact me for measurements or give me yours and I'll be happy to custom make you one with no extra charge!

 You'll find them in my new shop just click here  Fabricotti.etsy

1 commentaire:

  1. I love flower designs too! I know flowers have been known to make people happy, but I didn’t know that scientific research has already proven that flowers really have emotional and behavioral benefits, thus the term “flower power”.

    Harriett Faulks