mardi 15 janvier 2013


 Those of you who have been following me on my other blog  "Not perfect but nice" will know that I have a childhood passion for Interior decorating.
 I never visited a friends room without putting it in order and making it look the best that it could.Well nothing much has changed since then. When there's a possibilty of changing things round or painting the walls a different colour ............I'm there on the frontline! So that's why I thought it would be  a fun way to record the many changes in my house. The all so many changes!!!!!!!!
 Today I'm showing you around our kitchen, from all four angles. When we moved in the black and white checkered floors were already there. I think they give a very retro look to the room.  
 The kitchen cabinets were also already installed ,they had a faux grey marble formica finish. We quickly repainted the doors "egg shell" and replaced the hard-ware with modern Ikea ones. Which work great but I think I would be more courageous next time round. The doors under the sink were taken out and replaced by a curtain in a grey Toile de Jouy. So French, right? Just to add a bit of "soft" to the otherwise hard decor. Another curtains was installed to the right side of the cooker.
 The splasback was replaced also with a pattern which kind of reflects the flooring in a minature way. In came the chandelier, originaly in a bedroom. I wanted the room to have a kind of "glamorous' look it helps with having a better feeling about cooking!
 The marble top table is from my grandmothers house which my husband elevated to double as extre work space but we eat off it as well. It's nice to be able to integrat family heirlloms into modern day living.
 One thing we love doing is eating pancakes! My daughters make them quite often, and with yummy blueberry jam you just can't resist!
I hope you enjoyed the little visit. A bientôt!

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