samedi 2 février 2013

Scenes de mon petit-dejeuner

Saturday morning, enjoying a quiet breakfast.......... Bliss!
 Thinking of Valentine's decorations for the coffee shop, decided to write famous love quotes and declarations on pink hearts that will be given at random to clients.
A teacher friend ,( which if you didn't know French teachers have the most beautiful handwriting especially the senoir ones) was pleased to oblige and write them out for me in the most genuine calligraphy. And the quotes we found just filled our hearts with a pink, fluffy haze of love dreaming.......
Wishing you all a beautiful ,LOVE filled week-end. Bisous.

TRANSLATION: "If you want peace make or create love." Victor Hugo

Makes me think of the modern quote we've all heard so often and relate to the Hippie era
"Make love not war" Similar?